The phone will disappear? Who will replace the phone?

  • Monday, October 8, 2018

The phone will disappear? Who will replace the phone?

The phone will disappear? Who will replace the phone?

As smart wearable device users is increasing rapidly, the major manufacturers have entered, but because such products are dependent on another extension product terminal equipment, which for consumers, on application by the battery life, application restrictions and other issues affecting scene. But with the advent and application of networking technology 5G era, a number of smart wearable devices will continue to improve the man-machine interactive experience, application scenarios will be from the current smart watches, health and other sports spread to bone intelligent listening to headphones and other high-tech products .

Currently, wearable devices on the market, mainly with supporting the use of smart phones, wearable devices doubt become a "second screen of the phone." However, some experts believe that when the wearable device capable of solving the problem independently of network connectivity, the smartphone will be no less important. Survey data show that 43% of consumers believe that the wearable device will take the place of smartphones in people's lives.

Many industry insiders believe that the direction of the future development of smart wearable devices, in addition to wearing convenient, but more important is a multi-application scenarios. Due to the changing consumer environment, the smart wearable device functions, also put forward different requirements. Bone listening to headphones, for example, to facilitate application scenarios not only to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts, but also to meet the needs of hearing-impaired people, while also taking into account the safety car. Will become a multi-application smart scene wearing a new future trend.

Smart wearable device pain points to be solved

Currently wearable market subscribers equipment increased, and is still in the expansion phase, in which health, motion tracking and other areas leading market, in addition to health, sports track field, in security, interactive links, authentication, fitness and other fields also appeared Some emerging wearable device products.

According to IDC's latest data show that during the 2017 holiday shopping season sold a total of 37.9 million smart wearable devices, an increase of 8% over the same period in 2016. This year, the global wearable device market is expected to achieve 15.1% growth in total shipments will reach 132.9 million. Throughout the wearable device market over the next five years, the compound annual growth rate will reach 13.4% of global shipments in 2020 will reach 219.4 million units.

Despite the rapid growth of smart wearable devices, but by the changing scenario, still faces pain points to be addressed. Some of the wearable device is more like a "chicken", currently on the market the smart wearable items are dependent on the extension of another terminal device, and features are added, the functionality required by mobile phones is resolved. Whether to add a bracelet, or add a helmet, which itself is usually not a necessity, combined with the need to have daily charge and other issues, a lot of smart wearable devices is deprecated.

China Information Consumer Union president Li Gang said that from the point of view of life scenarios, users do not need charging every day, or every day wear with a smart device to control something. But these devices when the user does not cause wear and special attention. In the function, but it will quietly play a reminder function. For example, a bracelet month on a single charge, the wearer may be a month or two will not attract attention, but when a bad heart Shique will do a timely reminder.

In addition, the complexity of application scenarios, making some smart wearable device manufacturers take a long time technology research and development. Air monitoring smart wearable devices, for example, developers initially thought that consumers will be worn in the side, but in fact, users are more willing to put in the home monitoring, which requires intelligent wearable device manufacturers have a certain strength, according to user needs constantly adjust product design.

Publicly available data, China four years ago, there have been smart to wear hot, 2000 to start a business intelligence admission bracelet, watch, blood pressure and other products. But after four years of development, today look back on these start-ups do not survive more than a third.

Blantyre chairman Luo make believe, smart wearable devices Real change is not smart, but worn. Wear only real solution to intelligent mode of facilitation, in order to solve the pain points faced by smart wearable device. Therefore, innovative enterprises in the process, did not dare to question the fundamental habits will never be an epoch-making product.

The phone will disappear? Who will replace the phone?

Alternative phone is expected to become a new trend

Xiang Ligang think, is the so-called intelligent wearable device worn around quietly, but do not feel it's there, but it helps to wear these smart applications by improving the quality of life and productivity.

The current car driver, for example, because of its need to contact both by telephone at the time of pick-up passengers, but one day eighty-nine hours wearing a Bluetooth headset, ear damage not only to the driver's grave, and while driving also increased insecurity. So for this, are appearing on the market a Bluetooth headset to listen to bone conduction technology do not have ears to listen to sound through a bone, you can not only increase security, long wearing and will not affect health while driving.

It is because technology continues to progress and improve, replace worn smart phones will become an inevitable trend. Hands free tool for human development is required to go through the process.

Currently there are smart phones and Internet calling two functions; and intelligent wearable device is moved by phone, health data collection and send back. In other words, as long as the telephone and Internet access to resolve smart device worn on, hands on as possible. This is like running a user has used a mobile phone strapped to the arm, as players, portable, sufficient to hands free.

Currently, wearable devices are moving in miniaturization, while the phone because the visibility and ease of operation of the screen, we have experienced a big to small, and from small to large changes, which became the wearable device of a large mobile phone pain points, and this fundamental solution sore point is how to make visual auditory replaced.

Luo make believe, smart wearable devices replace the phone with a technical problem with the plane, the more sophisticated speech recognition technology, communications technology can progress faster wearable device. Protect your eyes from the ear beginning, we mainly visual fatigue too much eye as the main way to receive information, if this information can be found by taking the voice, eyes closed to rest.

It is understood Blantyre part of the ongoing research wearable communication device, it is also based on good will "hear the world", in a bid rational allocation function of the eyes and ears in the information transfer, the balance of the body to maximize the information is received organs the healthy growth. At present, the project has done basic research, technology products can be achieved soon.

Experts believe that with the development of technology, wearable devices will become increasingly diverse product form, to replace the current smart phones, smart watches, blood glucose meters and other products is not impossible. Especially in the case of aging urban issues outstanding, to enhance people's consumption level of trend, people focus on health promoted the development of wearable medical market.

"Smart wearable device replacement in the future of smart phones, it is entirely possible to do." Side Tetsujo Cinda Securities analyst told the "financial" new media reporters. If you want to replace worn equipment intelligent smart phones, multi-functional integration is still a major technical difficulties, although the manufacturers are actively layout, but is limited by the sensor technology bottlenecks and other issues, need time to develop.

However, the future outlook is still optimistic, the same as the mobile phone development, from the initial simple function to replace the computer can now be part of the function, every new electronic products constantly upgrading upgrade, or to bring unexpected experience.

Scenarios diversified bone conduction technology will rewrite the industry structure

Well, the smart wearable device replacement phone is feasible? From the supply side perspective, first of all, compared to the 4G technology, the emergence of 5G technology or allow all Internet becomes more easy to achieve. While relying on 5G technology development background, intelligent wearable devices can achieve a more diversified development, is not limited to headphones, bracelets, watches, glasses and other applications, the market is vast future.

Secondly, since the 2012 launch of Google glasses on, smart wearable devices have been developed for six years, smart wearable devices intelligent foundation has matured. And, in September this year, Apple is expected to release innovative products Apple Watch4, according to sales growth AirPods or indicates that the smart wearable devices will continue its rapid growth.

In addition, with the development of science and technology technology, sensor technology has gradually matured. Bone conduction, a gyroscope, a heart rate monitor, such as different types of sensors simultaneously applied in a smart wearable device, i.e., multi-scene needs to meet.

Securities analysts believe that in the application scenario, the smart wearable device makers increasingly consider the needs of those who applied. Smart dressed bone conduction headphones, for example, has been high in the application of outdoor sports in the world, so that it can hear the sound through external ears open design at any time, in order to ensure the safety of outdoor wearer. In addition, also be applied to car drivers, reduce security risks. Meanwhile, for the hearing impaired, the hearing can solve the problems caused by the eardrum.

Since 2015, a large number of uneven quality of intelligent wearable medical device gradually ended, a bone conduction based on the core technology research and development of intelligent health brand Vlike been known. Vlike intelligent hearing aid product line is by the Fujian Blantyre Group Co., Ltd. R & D, product mainly for China is currently up to 219 million hearing-impaired people, the emergence of the product will rewrite the current industry structure.

Currently Vlike's flagship intelligent bone listening devices without ear listening to the sound, change the product concept of human listening mode, use the global leader in bone conduction acoustic and advanced technology to replace the traditional mental health protection air conduction listening devices, hearing-impaired people to meet the communication needs. A combination of multi-disciplinary ergonomics, electronics, acoustics, medical, etc., to fill the gaps in the market and become unicorn technology.

Data show that in 2020, the smart wearable devices market scale will reach 76.74 billion yuan. From the consumer end, the smartphone will gradually become a simple communication tool in the future, wearable device is expected to replace the smartphone provides most of the functionality.

So, if fully replace smart phones, smart wearable device market capacity big? The latest data from the China Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that as the development direction of mobile phone users, China wearable device market gap of up to 700 million units.

In addition, the relationship between consumers and wearable devices are getting closer, 67% of users will use wearable device while exercising, and travel, work and study, the proportion of users use when shopping also reached 55%, 49 %, 48%. By inference, wearable devices will continue to develop in depth and hopefully other areas.

In this regard, Orient Securities electronics industry analyst team pointed out in the research report, the smartphone "smart" focuses on Computational Intelligence, and other new wearable intelligent hardware not only to achieve "computational intelligence", AI technology can also enhance interactive capabilities and data value, along with the active user perception and resolution requirements, and interaction with people and other technology upgrading, users will experience a sense of rising, then enhance user stickiness.

As the focus of future development of wearable devices, the experts believe, wearable device development has just started, there are many industry innovations throughout the hardware and software experience. Although the focus of the market for smart watches and smart bracelet, but in children and smart watches, smart glasses, smart wearable headset and a variety of accessories such products elderly has great potential for development.

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