Chinese manufacturers spend together and force 5G phone in the end what are the benefits?

  • Saturday, September 29, 2018

Chinese manufacturers spend together and force 5G phone in the end what are the benefits?

Infocomm Development Secretary, Ministry of Press Gallery in April this year publicly said it expects to be the first 5G chip tapeout end of this year and be finished around 2019 Spring Festival, the first half of 2019 to carry out the construction of commercial base station, the second half of 2019 to produce The first batch of 5G phones.

Chinese manufacturers spend together and force 5G phone in the end what are the benefits?

The mobile phone manufacturers have invested in R & D, eager to enter the ranks of the first batch of 5G phones. Including Huawei, millet, vivo, including a number of mobile phone manufacturers said, it will be launched in 2019 5G phone.

According to Hong Kong headlines Financial Network reported on September 28, Yang noted, the group has already layout 5G, 5G standards in the world when launched development work has been started studying 5G technology, in Chicago and Beijing and other Chinese, have specialized in product design and 5G R & D team.

It reported that Lenovo's Motorola (Motorola) in August this year released a mobile phone Moto Z3, and released early next year 5G Moto Mod (module). Lenovo and US telecommunications provider Verizon (Verizon) cooperation, put the phone back Moto Mod, 5G can be connected to the Verizon network. Yang announced the 5G Moto Mod named "Lenovo 5G pass", the group is expected to be among the first to provide users with 5G experience of manufacturers.

Reference News Network reporter learned that, in 2016, vivo in Beijing set up R & D center 5G, 5G research core technical standards involved. 2017, vivo pre-launch research 5G antenna and RF key technologies. This year August 30, vivo announced that, based on the latest flagship phone vivo NEX platform, vivo has initially completed commercial-oriented 5G smartphone hardware and software, including the work of architecture and planning, motherboards stacked, radio frequency and antenna design and optimization of the battery and other aspects of space , and the size and appearance may have already reached commercial levels. vivo said next, vivo 5G is about to enter the mobile phone and network equipment FBI testing phase. After years of research and development, vivo 5G is expected to lead to launch commercial mobile phone in the world.

The same is the end of 8, OPPO also announced the successful completion of phone-based commercially available data and 5G signaling pathway is turned on, which is the basis for reliable 5G phone communication functions.

Chinese manufacturers spend together and force 5G phone in the end what are the benefits?

Based on the 5G test machine vivo NEX

It will bring a new round of phone features change

Decennial mobile communications revolution, influence and change the way of life of each era. It appeared around 2000 2G network has brought us function machine, so we are ready to receive voice calls from any corner of the world; in 2008 the development of 3G networks is redefining the cell phone, smart phone gives us freelance web browser anywhere, anytime; 2013 has 4G network is greatly catalyze the development of smart phones and mobile Internet in China; mobile payment, mobile shopping, sharing economy, "China's new invention" has become as routine and call.

5G come, turn to us what kind of disruptive innovation?

Reference News Network reporter learned that, vivo founder and CEO Shen Wei believes that the arrival of the era of 5G mobile phone market is a new opportunity, combined with 5G and artificial intelligence technologies, will make the smartphone evolution of the smart phone the new stage, 5G smart phones will become the perceived wisdom of the center, the control center and service center.

OPPO 5G expert Dr. Yang Ning said: "5G can be achieved in the world is great, immersive experience, this virtual reality and surrealism perfect fusion of user experience is the 4G network can not be achieved, in our view, pan. in reality (Ubiquitous reality) will be one of the characteristics of applications 5G support the first phase. "

Yang Ning mentioned OPPO's 5G ubiquitous reality of three applications, namely: consolidated virtual remote VR-- visual resources produced in different locations through 5G network in real time. Network applications such as 3D fitting room, can help users at home, "try", "with" the latest listing of clothing items or accessories, real-time experience their own "buyers show"; remote AR-- through 5G networks in different locations King of virtual reality visual resources and resources generated consolidated real-time, such as the user can experience "the world is great, immersive" 3D AR warm greetings to friends and family through phone calls and bring distant; remote JR-- through 5G real-time consolidation of real resources and real resources produced at different locations. For example, two users can be based on one of the environment as a background, the two real-time video or photo shoot, achieve a foreign country with friends or your favorite photo or video streams in real-time attractions.

Hong Kong headlines Financial Network reported that the smart phone SIoT created a new era, with the device connected to the network and large data increases, coupled with computing power and algorithms to enhance the Lenovo executive vice president and president of China, said Liu Jun, intelligent things together entered SIoT 2.0 era, that "evolution" to the smart scene, including collaborative multi-device, embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and human-machine natural language communication.

Experts predict that, 5G times, higher data rates, lower traffic costs will allow all users to online truly become a reality.

Chinese manufacturers spend together and force 5G phone in the end what are the benefits?

Shot in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Mobile Communications Conference on February 28 ZTE class 5G phone

It is expected to drive a new wave of replacement demand

It is understood that China's domestic smart phone market experienced rapid growth in previous years, the market overall shipments since 2017, began to show slide. International Data Corporation (IDC) statistics, in 2017 China's smart phone shipments to 444.3 million units, compared to 2016 and declined by 4.9%. Reasons for the decline include many mobile phone market: market saturation, iterative cycle gentle, lack of product upgrades and innovative features, users have suppressed the desire to buy a certain extent. And following the 2017 shipments fell in 2018 smart phone market situation is still not optimistic.

5G mobile phone allegedly will bring new development opportunities for the industry. 5G phone bandwidth of up to 20Gbps (1000 megabits per second, that is 1Gbps), the phone application data, photos, video and other bulky files, cloud backup disk or other download speed will complete the purchase of 5G mobile phone consumers can feel download the apparent differences in speed. In addition, 5G will bring more innovative entertainment experiences for mobile phones.

5G will lead people into a new era of communication technology: on the one hand it provides a very good foundation for all things Internet technology, intelligent things, will open the door to the interconnection of all things; on the other hand, 5G can change people's behavior and mobile phone form. However, the experts, the current 5G phone in core functions and applications yet to be explored. The future of mobile phone users also need to have more "killer" application to activate.