A large-screen phone to get together because people love the large size?

  • Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A large-screen phone to get together because people love the large size?

Had to say "no one will buy large-screen phone," the US Apple's late founder Steve Jobs, Apple introduced in recent years to see if the products do not know what to think.

Eight years ago, the foundation gave birth to judge from this screen is only 3.5-inch iPhone 4 opened the golden age of smart phones. The cross-age products of other brands once played for more than 4-inch large-screen phone to grief. Now, however, Apple's latest mobile phone's screen size has more than 6 inches.

Not only Apple, the new mobile phones released very intensive in September, Meizu, millet and other domestic manufacturers have also launched a large-screen phone, it seems that once the "big screen bashing" is back.

Once the "awkward" into today's trend

In the beginning of the birth of the phone, talking about the screen size is a very luxury. Nokia also dominate function machine age, the screen only displays basic function of communication and other world only. Meanwhile, human-computer interaction dependence on the keyboard, to further reduce the screen space to play, let alone entertainment and other features.

As early as 10 years ago, Samsung, HTC, represented by manufacturers launched more than 4-inch large-screen smart models, a strong visual impact once so large-screen mobile phone is very popular. However, Jobs did despise large-screen phone. He thinks the big screen makes the phone appear "stupid", "rough", the IT industry legend believes that mobile phones should not be more than 3.5 inches screen - otherwise it will affect the experience of the user one-hand operation.

iPhone 4 the unprecedented success of crowding out living space big-screen phone, 3.5 inches smart phone has almost become a benchmark in size, so that in addition to a handful of several vendors outside, almost no one dared to challenge the big screen products.

However, times change. In the recently concluded conference, Apple officially launched a mobile phone 6.5 inches screen of this size is close to the size of the screen of the Tablet PC products. Coincidentally, millet, Meizu two companies not only hit by a car launch date, the two launch of new products, without exception, a high proportion of the screen, the main display area bigger fight on. And all the way to large-screen products adhere to Samsung, Huawei and other companies, natural homeopathic catch up with the trend - the glory unveiled a 7.2 inches large screen mobile phone.

Phone security Bunny evaluation agency released a report shows that mobile phone users prefer the current market, the most popular screen size is 5.5 inches and 6 inches. "The new Apple phone's screen more than 6.5 inches, we also saw the conference dare to believe it. For a mobile phone, the 6.5 inches screen looks a little big." The agency expressed an engineer. From candy bar machine 3.5-inch curved screen to screen, full screen, smart phone screen more and more. Continue to break not only the size of the refresh consumer awareness of mobile phones, but also some of the industry beyond the imagination of the screen.

Tablet market to shrink "big man" instead

For these "big man" favored mobile phone, market research firm Gartner analyst Annette Zimmermann believes that large-screen phone is the result of market choices. "Especially in China, the big screen is very important for the market to reverse the trend." She said, on the one hand, a larger screen means more expensive, but also can enhance the consumer using a mobile phone watch movies, play the game experience.

"Change the phone screen size, mainly due to different market demands. In the past, mobile phone carrier is more communication, and as the screen material, development of communication technology, as well as taking into account the upcoming 5G era, the phone will necessarily bear more more than entertainment, audio-visual task, which is the root cause of the screen bigger and bigger. "Dian Xi communications industry experts told Science and Technology Daily reporter.

In addition, consumer Tablet PC After several years of glorious shipments decline year after year. Data analysis firm IDC report shows that the fourth quarter of 2017 Tablet PC shipments fell 12 percent, resulting in annual shipments down 9%, only 185 million units, continued to show the trend has shrunk dramatically.

"Tablet demand has gradually fever, it is replaced by large-size mobile phone market. With screen raised the proportion of full-screen design into the mainstream, so we think this wave of demand should last a long time, and this is increasingly large-screen phone the more popular one of the reasons. "WitsView industry Research Institute researcher Fan Boyu representation.

Flexible screen technology screen or let the future beyond imagination

Phone screen is small, convenient means operating, interactive experience better; the big screen, audio-visual effects means outstanding, but the operation had a bad experience. If you continue, what will be the big phone screen to what extent?

"Currently, the market to 6 to 6.5 inches large screen mobile phones for the mainstream, but by the impact of comprehensive screen design, in fact, the whole size of this size, in terms of traditional 16:9 phone screen, equivalent to about 5-6 inches. Relative in terms of a single hand operation and will not be affected. "Fanbo Yu said.

"Now the phone's audio-visual entertainment features become more important, so big in fact, the screen becomes inevitable. Currently, flexible screens already in volume production, more manufacturers are developing new products. Once the foldable screen mobile phone market, it can not only solve the portability , handling problems, and can bring with it more impactful audio-visual entertainment experience, is the ideal solution for the future of the mobile phone. of course, by that time, the screen size will be more to break the people's imagination. "Dian Xi said .

Application of Flexible screen on the phone, most intuitive phone is foldable. Flip phone is actually not a new product, Kyocera, NEC, ZTE and other manufacturers have launched. However, previous solutions, mostly to add a hinge between the screen, the screen does not realize the true sense of bent or folded.

Recently, Samsung held a new conference department launched the annual flagship product, during which an executive hinted (foldable mobile phones) will not wait too long. Industry analysts believe that competition with Samsung, it is possible to launch, Huawei is the world's first true sense of the folding screen of the phone. Meanwhile, the dominant smartphone Apple has quietly applied for a number associated with the folding screen technology patents, in response to changes in the market ready.

With the maturity of the flexible screen technology, smart phones can be like a book, users are opened, it closed. Seconds for the smartphone into a tablet, this will be some science fiction movie scene, it may soon appear in the real world.

Sike screen due to consumer needs intuitive innovation

Large screen, full-screen, folding screen ...... In recent years, smart phones breakthrough innovation performance focused almost exclusively on the screen. And vendors such Sike screen, naturally has its reasons.

The industry in general will come out in 2010 iPhone 4 smart phone as an important turning point in the epoch-making. From 2010 to now, the smart phone industry actually does not leapfrog innovation occurs, it is only in the continuous development of pioneering decade ago perfect direction: to make the system more smoothly, so that pictures look better, to make the process more mature. "Consumers need to visible, tangible progress will be. Screen, cameras can be a topic of marketing for the new machine pocket, because they are at a glance, are visible innovation." Dian Xi said, "combined with the smart phone competition fierce, manufacturers are too aggressive or innovative product design is too conservative, very easy to lose market share. "

Objective point of view, the smart phone room for improvement in technology has been very limited. First, in the production process of mobile phone chips, nanotechnology has begun to 7 applications, may not temporarily see the process continue to progress. Secondly, cell phone batteries subject to their physical characteristics, life being hard to get increased dramatically, mostly related breakthrough technology is still in the laboratory stage. Therefore, manufacturers have to work hard on the phone screen is clearly the best, most straightforward option.

"Smart phone screen more and more, is actually the result of advances in communications technology. Future mobile phones are no longer meet the information communication, communication tools, people will be more involved in mobile phone entertainment activities, such as watching movies, playing games and so on. "Fanbo Yu said. (Yang Lun)